“They'll never beat us”. That's an age old cry of the Scottish soldier…and ‘they' never will.
We have a history second to none in the world and a million references to tell us why.
We are not better than anyone else, but we are different and that's what sets us apart.
I have travelled the world and witnessed only honour and respect when the Scots are spoken of. This is not the case with some others.

My paintings here depict many aspects and characters of our great past in my own individual artistic style.

My inspiration comes from the stories of William Wallace, Robert Bruce, Gilbert Hay, Sir James Douglas. James Graham, The First Marquis of Montrose. Alistair MacDonald ( Colkitto). Mary, Queen of Scots, John Graham of Claverhouse, Flora MacDonald and the brave men who gave all for their Prince, Charles Edward Stewart. Robert Burns, Admiral Thomas Cochrane and the millions of ordinary men and women who joined the Scottish regiments and fought for the life that we now have , thanks to them.

Wallace in Map
Divine Lightning
Farewell To Flora
Charging Soldier
Black Douglas
Chanter Hands

Return from Flodden
Wallace at Stirling
In Defence
Waterloo Horseman

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